Friday, October 19, 2007

David Gold is gone

Had to remove the link to David Gold's Blog as it has changed into a solely electioneering website, this is not to say I disagree with every thing he has to say (surprisingly given he is a conservative, a party I have never voted for), it's just my blog is not political and I didn't want any one to infer I support the Conservative party. I would do the same if it were Labour or Liberal Democrat. Nuff said.


At 9:42 am, Blogger Hugh said...

Hi Simon,

You have my support and agreement. I got accused of being political by an anonymous Blog commenter a little while ago - something I strongly contested. I had just whinged about people who put their feet on the seats on public transport. It was merely a grumpy old rant, not something to be hijacked for party political reasons. Of course, I have no way of knowing who the accuser actually was.

The desire to become a politician should automatically disqualify you from becoming one. The wish to have power over others is a serious personality defect in my opinion.

(Puts soap box in corner and walks away...)

At 11:57 am, Anonymous The ReV' said...

um...just a quick question why steer away from politics?

Ok if the Blog is now just an electionering tool I can see that maybe people wouldn't be interested but it just struck me how this is the second time in a week someones commented about turning away from discussing politics.
Personally none of the partys interest me (i vowed never to vote Tory years ago, i'm one of Thatchers Children) but I have an active interest. Hell i'd like to stand for election but then I must admit a big part of it is the "ME!ME!LOOK-AT-ME!" thing. Maybe when i have a lull in bands i can take up the mantle of office. One of my Union colleages was (is?) the Mayor of Croydon and if HE can do it I'm sure I could!


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