Monday, July 16, 2007


arthurpewtys.... has reached its centenary, it is 100 posts old, and by coincidence, with this post sibonetic has reached its half century! Do have a look at arthurpewtys.... as it is always an entertaining read, this week Hugh recounts the tale of the not very bright chav thieves in Morrisons, Erith. He also wants a new camera, though I think his pics are really good with the one he has got.

I myself am quite happy with my new Fuji which I took my Tour de France pics with. If has anti-shake and and rechargeable lithium battery and that will do me. It is also on special offer at the moment, though it is currently £10 more than I paid.


At 7:21 pm, Blogger Hugh said...

Thanks for the kind comments Simon - much appreciated! The main problem with my current camera is the lens, the lack of many options for changing the ISO speed (max is 300 - I need something closer to 1200, and the D80 will do 4000 ISO / ASA).

I am a long time SLR user with film, and the Sony was a "dip of the toes" into digital - I think I need to jump in!


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