Saturday, June 16, 2007

Things I would like to know the answer to...

but don't (part 3)

How many lives do Sleeping Policemen save and how many do they kill by delaying ambulances, is there a net gain or loss? Is it we value young people (more likely to get run over) more highly than old people (more likely to need an ambulance)?
I have to declare a personal interest here, when, foolishly I stepped out into the road aged 11, into the path of a speeding Austin Maxi, I only had enough time to take one step, In that road today the traffic has been slowed by 'traffic calming', I would have taken two steps, so instead of sitting on the verge looking down at a foot pointing sideways at an impossible angle, I would have been under or over the car and very probably dead.

There is actually another thing I want to know here. Why is it the drivers fault even if he is speeding? My first words to poor Maxi driver were 'it's not your fault' I was the one who stepped out without looking, and all I could think about was how awful it must be for the driver to have knocked down a kid. So I told my Dad later on that day that it was my fault and he told the Police not to pursue it.
This contrasts with the husband of a friend of mine who was not speeding when a child ran straight out into his path without looking and the dirty little money grabbing parents are trying to get as much filthy lucre as they can. (child suffered no lasting damage btw). Why do some people always have to blame someone else? Sometime things are our own fault and I was always taught to own up and deal with it.

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At 3:22 pm, Anonymous the ReV said...

I think you masta suffered some sever 'ead trauma; "..I stepped out into the road aged 11, into the path of a speeding Austin Maxi..".
A SPEEDING Austin Maxi???!
My dad had one of them, Maxi they were. Speedy there weren't!
I agree though BUT I do think its not always us in the UK following the "American way" of Blame Culture but the fact that in the past councils, drivers whoever could have been at fault but there was no come back or recompense...or we were too "British" to complain?

At 4:04 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

My Dad had several maxi's and I agree that it is hard to believe it was speeding, however it was at the bottom of a very long hill so momentum rather than horsepower that was the cause of the speed.

In fact in one of those wonderful ironic moments, several years later, I was stopped for speeding at the very same spot and that was in a 1.3 Morris Marina!!

At 1:55 am, Anonymous dimps said...

I live in Tuam Road. It used to be hell between 7.00 - 9-ish am and 5.30 - 8.30-ish pm... and pretty awkward in-between-times. Upon the introduction of the speedbumps and one-way system, heaven was introduced instaneously. Hooray!

This idyll is occasionally sullied (the latest being this evening, by coicidence).

There are far more children playing out now.


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