Friday, June 01, 2007

Bad Behaviour

Seen and heard about a couple of quite bits of quite appalling behaviour this week. The first was one I saw on Plumstead Common on Wednesday evening, while giving Chelsea and Charlton their evening constitutional. There was a bunch of Chavs and Chavesses, loitering around the Common, riding around on one of those mini motorbikes, which is stupid, illegal and dangerous enough.

However one of the illiterate, uneducated chavess scum, a slapper in her 20's (that or she has had a very hard life, on her back no doubt), was careering round on aforementioned illegal machine, with a small child, no more than 3 years old, perched on the front handlebars. If it was hers, she is obviously a quite unfit parent and surely it's about time such children are removed from such people and flogged off to someone with a bit more responsibility.

Sell it on!!
Such a course of action would have at least 2 notable benefits, it would help to reduce the future size of the Prison population and the money raised could be put towards a lovely tax cut for me.

The other bit of bad behaviour was even worse, my friend Marcus was in Woolwich on Thursday having done a bit of Shopping. and he had just got into his Cab, which he had booked with Com Cab to take him home.

Now Marcus has Multiple Sclerosis, so he needs to get cabs to get out and about as it is really difficult for him to walk any distance. Three Black women with two babies in buggies decide that they were entitled to take the Cab that Marcus had booked, so they literally pulled him out of the Cab and threw him to the floor along with his shopping and got in. Luckily the cabbie, who is a really nice guy and often takes Marcus around and about, had the presence of mind to lock the doors and call the Cops, who to their credit were there before Marcus had picked himself up off the floor. It seems to me that such behaviour, though shocking is all too prevalent, the attitude that some people have, that they can have what they want, when they want and anyone who gets in the way, then that's just two bad. God knows what the babies are going to end up like with Mothers like that. Unfortunately, but rather typically the women then tried to claim that racism lay at the heart of their actions, claiming that Marcus had made racist remarks, the truth was that he did not even know they were there, until he was attacked.

This reminds me of something I saw on a 171 bus a few months back. The driver noticed that a black lady had got on and not paid, he refused to drive on until she did, she claimed that he was only picking on her because she was Black, he pointed out that he was, in fact picking on her because, unlike the other passengers on the bus she had not paid her fare. Eventually she stumped up the cash, while still insisting that the demand for payment was part of a racist conspiracy against her. Then, with the cheers of those black and white passengers who had paid their fare ringing in his ears, the black bus driver got back in his cab and resumed the journey.


At 9:02 am, Blogger Hugh said...

Hi Simon,

Once again you literally took the words out of my mouth. I am shocked (but unfortunately not surprised) by your disturbing story about Marcus. I hope that he is OK now. I am strongly of the opinion that society is divided and that divide is getting wider. Without getting into sociological claptrap, I feel we have a population that is comprised of normal people (IE - you and I and our friends and peer group) and Scum. Nothing whatsoever to do with race, orientation, belief (or not) system - purely the fact that there is a significant chunk of the population who think that they are entitled to everything and need to pay back nothing. Ho Hum.
Your point about mini moto bikes also reflects something I wrote about a few months ago. A 13 year old chav was killed in Erith after losing control of his scum scooter and crashing into the side of a parked car. the poorly constructed plastic petrol tank exploded and the festering scrote was killed. One for the Darwin Awards. A few bonus points for the Chinese who make the things. Perhaps we could convince them to pre - package the bikes with a few ounces of plastic explosive just to be on the safe side?
I am off to see Ian (the Rev) play at the annual charity music festival, the Farn Fest this evening. A few hours of (hopefully) good music and a few pints of Shepherd Neames' finest should hit the spot. My tastes are simple. Catch you soon.

At 7:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Marc is ok! So, what happened to the ladies who pushed him out of the cab? did the police come and sort them out?
Dr P x

At 10:07 am, Blogger sibonetic said...

Dr P,

Marc is fine, just got a few scratches up his arm, he had to go and give a statement, and 'ladies' were carted off in police vehicles. Don't know any more than that at the moment,

Si x

At 1:25 pm, Anonymous Mrsdp said...

Last night I was driving home from dinner in Blackheath (at Laicram Thai place if anyone was interested) it was lovely..Luckily I had not been drinking (being pregnant rather than choice sadly)! but there was a small childlike motorbike thing with 2 chav kids on turning into the road where the Prince of Wales. This was about 10pm, they had no lights on at all and are lucky that no-one had hit them. It is stupid behaviour, and quite frankly they need a good clip round the ear or back of legs. As do the yob like children that hang out near our house.

At 3:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just seen the chav on the mini bike with baby on her lap, does she not realise skin and bone gets damaged easily, does she not care her baby will be hurt if she crashes or falls off. does she care ?????
Sad, it's all very sad

At 10:17 pm, Anonymous Nigel said...

I hate those crappy little bikes, although they are not as bad as the full sized trial bikes that some numpties are riding in parks and on roads, with no helmet, licence plate, insurance, or MOT.
I have had to call the police a few times to report them racing around on the roads near me, but that usually nips it in the bud....for a while.
If you see any of these idiots on mini-moto bikes, call the police.If they can catch the little buggers, they can confiscate the bikes, since they are illegal when ridden on roads or public spaces such as parks.

At 10:04 am, Anonymous t said...

Theres a few problems with calling the police. First of all it takes them 6 months to turn up, by which time the little shits have gone. Secondly, its near impossible for them to catch motorbikes as they can go down alleys, stairs and all sorts of places a plod car cant.

I do have a small bit of sympathy for kids with motorbikes, I used to ride them myself as a kid but at least I had the consideration to go and use a bit of wasteland. Bikes ARE great fun but the problem is theres absolutely nowhere to ride them. Consequently we have the little bastards riding round our pavements and streets and whats worse is they usually have no exhaust.

Last summer I got so pissed off with them I started throwing rocks at their heads when they rode past my garden. When driving I like to aim my car for them, they're completely illegal so they dont have a leg to stand on if you hit them (probably literally), and its funny to scare they living hell out of them.

At 1:16 pm, Anonymous Nigel said...

The thing is, if enough calls are made to the police, then they will allocate resources and sort the problem out. It's the same with car crime, vandalism, nuisance bikes and everything else.
Last year Lewisham displayed some sculptures made from crushed mini-moto bikes, which sounded like a good idea.
If you want to ride motorbikes cross country and/or at speed, then join a club and do it legally.
Or risk ending up on the bonnet of 't's car!


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