Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bad Behaviour (part 2)

Had this excellent comment from Hugh, who writes the entertaining blog arthurpewtys.... on my previous post.

'I am strongly of the opinion that society is divided and that divide is getting wider. Without getting into sociological claptrap, I feel we have a population that is comprised of normal people (IE - you and I and our friends and peer group) and Scum. Nothing whatsoever to do with race, orientation, belief (or not) system - purely the fact that there is a significant chunk of the population who think that they are entitled to everything and need to pay back nothing.'

Aside from the fact I couldn't have put it better myself, I think this really sums up an unfortunate truth, most of us just want to get on with life, not causing offence or upset to others, but a few people really don't give a shit about the effect their actions have on those around them. Saw a brilliant example of this divide up on the Common this morning.

Chelsea, prone to premature retaliation!
Now I have to exercise Chelsea in a place where you can control her access to other dogs, as she is a little too keen to get her retaliation in first, so we go to a fenced in bit of Plumstead Common, next to the Tennis Courts. That way she can run around and not upset anyone else.

The Tennis Courts
The Tennis Courts are well used, especially on a Saturday morning, on the court nearest me were 3 black men, happily enjoying a bit of exercise. Also at that end of the Tennis Courts are the 2 gates, one on either side. People who are not playing Tennis often use these gates as a cut through, to save going round all 4 courts. Now first of all, I only cut through there if no one is playing because it is just plain rude to disturb someone's game just to save yourself a minute. Other people are less considerate. a swarthy looking white guy on a bike decides to cut through, disturbing the Black guys game, he leaves the gate open on his way in, the black guys say nothing, he holds up their game going through, the black guys say nothing, he leaves the gate open on the way out, one of the black guys, no doubt exasperated asks him very politely to close the gate (otherwise the balls fly out through the hedge and on to the old bowling green!) . The first response was a muffled grunt of 'why man'. Again the black guy politely asks him to close the gate, more incomprehensible grunts emanated from the swarthy white slob on the bike. At which point, and I don't blame him in the slightest, the black guy said
'oh fuck you'
and realising that there is no point in reasoning with the unreasonable, carried on with his game. the reply from swarthy white guy was,
'Fuck you, I'm Albanian'.
So apparently, being Albanian explains why you are an anti-social little shit!
I have to say I know who I would want to live next door to, and it ain't swarthy white guy.

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At 7:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I consider myself left wing, in sympathy with, if not amongst, the working class masses. BUT i think the crappy, chavy or white chip-on-your-shoulder working class (esp in plumstead) need to get over themselves and learn some respect for themselves and their fellow man, and woman!.
that is the problem with the working class chavs and others today, they forget, or have no idea that the 'proleteriat' are meant to unite together for the good of the common man! not feed on society with a capitalist individualism where everything is about 'me, me, me', all about hand-outs to obtain bling and gadgets and satellite dishes and every other self-indulgent article offered by those advertising their materialistic tat at us.
we walk the common regularly with our dog. we enjoy it's beauty and green. BUT we are also wholly disgusted by the litter and grafitti, which are crimes of those chavs and mostly white chip-on-your-shoulder asses that I increasingly think would benefit from being shot or strung up. then, as you suggest sibonetic, we might save on our taxes since fewer prison places might be necesseary, where most our local chavs will end up anyway.
rant over.
thanks for this lovely blog! a great addition to plumsteadshire.

At 9:13 pm, Blogger Pangloss said...

Don't get me started.

When I have the misfortune to witness ASBO behaviour, the terrible phrase, 'get me a shotgun' appears (comic book-like), in a think bubble above my head. I don't think I always thought this. I'm sure I was once a little more sympathetic. Possibly.

I probably wouldn't be so extreme with my think bubble reactions, if I knew these scum bags get their comeuppance, but they never do. They act like they rule the World and sod everyone else.

When will good ever rise over evil?

Great blogging Sibonetic.

Doctor Pangloss

At 9:44 pm, Blogger Hugh said...

Hi Simon. See my gig photos and let me know what you think. One way to spend a Saturday evening (and yes, I did Sky+ Doctor Who).

At 11:30 am, Anonymous A fan of this blog said...

We should form a militia, and gradually cleanse them from the neighbourhood.

At 10:08 pm, Anonymous Nigel said...

Good idea, but it might have to be a
"Dad's Army" militia.

"Who do you think you are kidding Mr Yobbo, if you think old Plumstead's a dump?"


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