Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is how sad I can be!

Last Night I was having a look at the London Bloggers website, which for those of you who don't know is a site which lists blogs according to the tube/overground railway map, and I thought it would be fun to see how many blogs are listed at each station and see who the most prolific blogers are. So I thought I would limit my search to the local area, I had a look at Greenwich/Bexley. I started off with the raw figures, which had Greenwich on top with 30 Blogs, followed by Blackheath 18, Woolwich Arsenal 15, Abbey Wood 14, Charlton and Plumstead on 11 each, Maze Hill 10 Westcombe Park 7, with the other stations in the area on 4 or fewer the lowest being Bexley with absolutely no Blogs at all.

Now this is where I started to get really sad, as it occured to me that I was not measuring like with like and some stations are busier than others, so I looked up the passenger numbers on Wikipedia and divided that figure by the number of blogs at the station. This changed the positions somewhat with Maze Hill moving from 5th to 1st place with 54,000 passengers per blog, just pipping Greenwich on 55,000. Plumstead storms into 3rd place (68,000), with Wescombe Park 4th (72.000), little Woolwich Dockyard which didn't even figure in the previous top 10 is 5th, equal with Charlton (76,000), Blackheath falls to 7th (110,000), Woolwich Arsenal is 8th (135,000), Erith 9th (144,000) and Abbey Wood completes the top 10 (157,000).

At the other end of the scale, Bexley is still bottom with no blogs, next to them comes Welling where 1.6m passengers journeys a year only produce 1 blog.

Now there are 3 south eastern lines running through Greenwich and Bexley to Dartford and there is a clear heirarchy of blogging the Greenwich/Woolwich line has 106 entries, Blackheath/Bexleyheath 37 and only 11 on the Sidcup line.

The question is what can explain this, is it that pepole in Greenwich/Woolwich are more literate? Can people in Welling actually write? Maybe the bloggers exist, but don't think they live in London so don't list on London Bloggers, from experience there are a lot of people in Bexley, especially in the south of the borough who think because they have a Dartford postcode they live in Kent, I would suggest to them that they wake up and smell the coffee, you are in tne London Borough of Bexley, you elect members of the Greater London Authority and not Kent County Council. Perhaps there are computer literacy problems in Bexley so they are not online. Or is it that people on the Greeenwich/Woolwich line have more to complain about, perhaps we are a big bunch of moaners! and happy people don't feel the need to blog. I need explainations, any suggestions?


Plumstead has now established a clear lead over Charlton in the raw data, having added 2 blogs this week, taking it to 13. When adjusting for passenger numbers it retains its 3rd spot, but is now snapping at the heels of Greenwich and Maze Hill, with 57,000 passengers per blog. If one more Plumstead blogger takes the plunge and lists on London Bloggers then Plumstead will become the Blogging capital of Greenwich and Bexley. (thanks to erik-fuller for the update)

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At 4:08 pm, Blogger TunnelBore said...

This is not what I would call sad. This is what I would call admirable. Many PhD theses have been built on flimsier research. Excellent.

No idea why nobody blogs in Bexley? Do they have electricity out there?

At 5:21 pm, Blogger Hugh said...

I Blog in the borough of Bexley! I am not anywhere near the village of Bexley and its' train station though. Not far from Erith railway station, not that I would want to boast about it though.

At 11:30 am, Blogger sibonetic said...

You should be proud of Erith, it is the only station in Bexley Borough to make the top 10, obviously it is where the academic elite of the borough reside. (& a few chavs as well)

At 1:29 am, Blogger Erik Fuller said...

Don't want to mess up your stats but Plumstead has grown another two blogs since you posted this. Its a fast moving situation out there.


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