Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tour de France

Hits Plumstead High Street
Wait for it
Not yet
Nearly there
it's the leaders
The Yellow Jersey Fabian Cancellara

Now the pack

They keep on coming


Nearly over
That's the end of the pack
One straggler

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At 1:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sibonetic, a little bird told me that you used to cycle alot, why don't you enter!

At 1:26 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

'cos I am too old and creaky

At 1:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your never too old, your as young as you feel!

At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Nigel said...

Good photos Si!
We waited at the bottom of Lakedale road for about 30 minutes, watching all those skodas speed by on the wrong side of the road,tooting their horns, and then woosh, about 200 cyclists flew past in the blink of an eye! We same the same 4 leading as in your photo, and the rest of them close behind. Our oldest, Ryan [6] was most impressed. Then it was home to watch the rest on ITV4. I've never paid any attention to the Tour before, but this really got us all interested. And on our doorstep too!

At 12:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done. great pics on blog. It certainly was a good day for Plumstead, Enjoyed all aspects of the Tour de France, even the bleeping Skodas.

At 3:34 pm, Anonymous The Rev said...

I'm just amazed they made it through Plumstead and Erith without having the wheels nicked or anything!
Great pic's I only managed 2 of the actual bikes going past.
We had a great time, I heard alot of people moaning about it not being "much" but think their expectations were too high, Disneyland is not going to ride past on a bike at the end of your road!
One thing that got me was I was only about 6ft away from the riders and the noise and the slipstream was something I've never experienced before. Very strange. It was like standing my a huge semi-articulated truck driving past but silent and almsot sweet smelling. Bizzare!

At 12:54 am, Blogger Erik Fuller said...

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At 1:00 am, Blogger Erik Fuller said...

Seeing as Plumstead was a mere blink in the Tours eye I was impressed by the whole logistics of it all. A cyclist did 'collide' with a spectator somewhere en route that day. I can tell future generations with pride that it wasn't in Plumstead. These pics brought back my OTT excitement at seeing those riders appear on that bridge.


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