Thursday, July 05, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Had a bit of a blogging interregnum, because life suddenly went a bit manic, not in a bad way, not in a particularly good way, just didn't seem to get the time to blog. However got an unexpected evening off tonight, as I went to see my Dad last night and combined it with picking Marcus up from his day at his Mothers, so hey presto a Thursday with nothing to do but walk the dogs (or from the look of it take them for a swim) and blog.

Not done a proper entry since June 16th, only some photos and a' swot a tory piece' + the not very shocking revelation that the Tories are finally learning that they have to appear reasonable it they want to get elected.

Enough of politics and back to the Asian Mela of June 23rd, which was a bit of a washout if it had not been for the appearance of Hugh from arthurpewtys.... blog fame, (but more about Hugh later), and of course the Asian Wrestling . I was manning a stall for PCEG in an attempt to broaden its membership, to make it more diverse (my idea) and less middle aged, middle class and white. (not that I object to any of these things, being all 3 myself). So there was me sitting alone on a soggy field, managing to sell a couple of books and sign up 3 new members (all white, middle class and middle aged!). So if there are any young people from an ethnic minority with a working class background, preferably disabled reading this who have an interest in helping to look after Plumstead Common PLEASE join PCEG, so we can tick our demographic boxes, don't worry you don't have to be gay, we have got that one covered!
Six days later it was back up to the Common (Winn's, this time) for the Councils Great Get Together. Which weather wise was a bit of a let down, but I have to say was really well organised with loads of things to do, the entertainment was pretty good including 4 poofs and a Piano from 'Jonathan Ross' fame.

Only bit I couldn't stand was the Rap, I really think there should be laws against inflicting that rubbish on unsuspecting members of the Public. Managed to sign up another 9 PCEG members, not just middle aged people, bagged a couple of near deaths as well. I guess young people have far more interesting things to do.

Seriously there is a PCEG meting this Sunday (8th July) 3pm at St Marks and St Margaret's Church Hall on Old Mill Road if anyone is interested in coming along, it could be interesting as future plans for the Common are soon to be a hot topic as the councils management plan for the Common is to be put out to public consultation. I will probably write a separate post about this, but the plan is in confidential draft form at the moment.
Stop Press

Just had an e-mail from icesave to say they are putting the interest rate up on my savings from next Monday to 6.2%, so if you are with one of those shoddy traditional UK financial institutions which fails to pass on base rate rises in full to savers, I urge you to move your money. (I bet they increase your mortgage rate by the full amount, or more!). Stick the money grabbers where it hurts.

Plumstead and environs Blogs

There is a new blog on the block, well new to Plumstead (erik-fuller), which had a few comments on various Local blogs. Which got me thinking we ought to have a blog party/awards ceremony. On one level it could be a good excuse to get out of cyber space and into the real world! It could be a good excuse for a few beers (or wine or whatever your tipple!). Awards categories could include
Most elastic use of the English language, Post which induced the most comments of a homicidal nature, contributor most likely to be helping the Columbian rural economy, post most likely to enrage the local council, or Tories or whoever, blog most likely to get a Jazz cafe in Plumstead. (other suggestions welcome) For entertainment we could have the sibonetic v Last Boy Scout 'Handbags at Dawn' contest.
It could all culminate in the 'Blog of the Year award', indeed I am currently musing over my acceptance speech....'

'with thanks to Hugh, without his unfailing support and encouragement none of this would have been possible, to Nigel for his honest attempts to keep me on the straight and narrow. (wipes away tear) To t for his forthright promotion of kamikaze driving and bringing about sticky ends for chavs, to the Rev for his ability to make a comment even when the post was frankly rather boring, thanks to all of you who have made this award possible (dissolves into floods of tears) I love you all.'

erik-fuller's blog also alluded to the Common/high Street divide, which prompted me to make this comment, which I reproduce here,

'The whole up the hill down the hill thing in Plumstead is really quite amusing, when you add in Shooters Hill as well it starts to remind me of the 60,s sketch with John Cleese, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore from TW3. With Clease on Shooters Hill looking down on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Peter Cook (from the Common) looking up to John and down on Dudley and Dudley knowing his place, (down on the High Street).'
It may have been Ronnie Barker and Corbett, my memory seems to be failing!! think I am having a senior moment!

Finally HAPPY 40th to top bloke Hugh, who was undone by a combination of the Rev (aka Ian), his Aunt Betty (in America) and the power of the internet, into letting slip his birthday was on the 3rd July.


At 12:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

am not sure the people on the pceg stand look v middle class to me....

At 3:46 pm, Anonymous The ReV said...

The 'Blog of the Year award' sounds a good idea!
I'd be up for it even if it's just a meet up somewhere.

Could I put forward that one of the Awards should be the Funniest Mis-read Line. If it was a catigory can I include the line:"
...To t for his forthright promotion of kamikaze driving and bringing about sticky ends for chavs.." as I read it as "...To t for his forthright promotion bringing about sticky ends for chavs.." (Well I saw my name in the next big and jumped afew words!)

At 6:18 pm, Blogger Hugh said...

I agree with the Rev - even if it is just a meet up for a drink in a local pub (you should have received an Email yesterday from me about this).

We need to stand firm as documenters of the local area - think what historians will think a few hundred years in the future!

At 1:42 am, Blogger Erik Fuller said...

Thanks for the link. Perhaps it could just be a share your tips and hints meet-up and plan something like an award ceremony as part of the agenda. I always liked the openhouse art ideas that they do in Plumstead (and Greenwich in general)maybe we could have an open blog day where you can pop in and assist/witness a few posts all on the same day check out each other s equipment so to speak?


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