Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Marcus bought this the other day, 'cos he was thirsty, looks like wee to me, Marcus says it tasted like it too.
Mind you, I don't know how he knows what wee tastes like.

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At 9:48 am, Anonymous The Rev said...

I've had a bottle of this.
it is ok just as you say the colour of...well #Ahem#.
I was drinking it at a gig and got some very strange looks so followed the joke and said I was in the habit of drinking my own as I was a health nut.
As the band didn't know me that well (I was a stand in) it worked quite well.
The only downside is those people who didn't hear me reveal it was a wind-up went away thinking I really do drink my own pish.
Oh well any publicity is good publicity I suppose...

At 6:56 pm, Blogger Hugh said...

Are you sure Marcus did not get caught short and use the empty bottle?

On another note, have you ever drunk African Roiboos (red bush) tea? Lovely stuff, but more than a couple of cups of it and it makes your wee smell funny....


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