Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Done!
Finally got time to write a blog entry. Been building an en-suite shower room but now it's finished! Yippee!! So now I can get back to the serious issue of blogging.
This was the neglected corner of my bedroom, home to junk and the wash bin.

The toilet will go here.
Just started
The radiators gone.
Let's skip to the end, this is getting boring, The toilet!
And the handbasin!
and the rest...


At 5:04 pm, Blogger Hugh said...

Welcome back Simon - you have been sorely missed!

I tried ringing you a while back as I had not heard anything from you and wondered how you were, but I seem to have misplaced your phone number.

The new shower room looks amazing - Where did you get the whizzy hardware? I reckon you have been watching those house makeover shows...

Ian was asking about you last week - I reckon your ears were burning!

At 5:13 pm, Anonymous The ReV' said...

I had our bathroom gutted and done from scratch back in March and the hassle, mess and inconvience was awful (mind you you having two girls, one almost 2 and the other almost 4 my house usually is full of hassle, mess and inconvience!!) anyway great to have you back!

At 12:10 am, Anonymous Prof Travers said...

Welcome back.

I like it. Any chance you could come around and finish all the jobs I've started?


At 12:13 am, Anonymous Prof Travers said...

P.S. New blog in town...

At 10:46 am, Blogger sibonetic said...

Thanks for the kind comments, In fact wizzy hardware was from Screwfix, B&Q and Argos! So nothing posh (or expensive) there. PT got the inside done, but still got a few bits and pieces to do, enjoyed your blog will post a few comments in a bit and hope to do a couple of entries here very soon.


At 12:45 pm, Anonymous Prof Travers said...

It doesn't matter where you but it - just how it looks and what it does.

The aforementioned blog isn't mine - I just happened to come across it the other day on the London Bloggers thingy.

At 8:36 pm, Anonymous Nigel said...

Nice work! That shower head looks cool.
Welcome back.

At 1:28 am, Anonymous Dimps said...

"...but still got a few bits and pieces to do..."

I hope that includes a window blind!

At 10:59 am, Blogger sibonetic said...

No need for a window blind, look closely at picture, glass is now frosted!

At 12:05 pm, Anonymous Robert said...

Simon, I have only just seen this: looks absolutely beautiful. Well done.
I hope your back has completely recovered. (-:


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