Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This is a thing I hate, but it's got to be done. So as usual off I trot, well drive, it would be unbearable on foot!! to Morrisons in Thamesmead, with Marcus in tow. Now Marcus has a blue badge due to his mobility difficulties, so one of the few compensations for having to live with MS is that you get to park in disabled bays so it is that little bit less far to walk. The problem though is that Thamesmead is populated with too many of the 'do what I like, and to hell with the rest of society brigade'

Half the cars in the disabled bays have no disabled badge, so they are driven by people who park where they like, to save their poor little, perfectly healthy legs from walking a few extra yards. Then you also have the miracle cure disabled, who leap un-aided from their cars and sprint into the shop to buy their 20 woodbines. These are the ones who are either using a family members badge (without the family member being with them) or have quite simply either stolen one or bought a stolen one down the Pub.

Isn’t it about time we started to make an example of those people who are guilty of genuine anti-social behaviour, I wouldn’t fiddle around with fine’s or clamps, all you need to do is impound the cars and crush them, simple they won’t do it again and for a while at least that’s one less numpty on the Road!

I would start with these 4 I snapped parked without a badge in disabled bay bays the other day.


At 8:56 pm, Blogger Barbara said...

I wish my friendswho need ato use a blue badge could afford a nig 4X4 - somehow I don't think that one's from the mobility scheme!

At 12:34 am, Anonymous Dimps said...

The first picture showed a taxi-cab, judging by the sticker on the windscreen!

At 2:37 pm, Anonymous t said...

At first I was thinking that maybe you're being a bit harsh wanting to crush the cars, after all morrisons is private land.

But then I got to the bottom of the post and saw that stereotype of a chelsea tractor, and my thoughts changed.

Now I think crush the car AND the owner - make the selfish idiots earn the right to park there.

At 11:45 pm, Anonymous streetwise said...

I think I'd be tempted to park behind them, blocking their way out and then have a terrible mishap in the supermarket that caused significant delay.

At 10:01 pm, Blogger Doctor Pangloss said...

It seems the Range Rover can't even park within two yellow lines. Surely they must be disabled? Totally blind I guess.

At 4:55 pm, Anonymous ASBOs for bad drivers said...

Maybe attitude problem is considered a disability these days. Range Rover driving posh trash really seem to think that a 4x4 lends them the smell of old money and gives them priviledges over those who don't sit as high as they do.

At 12:48 pm, Anonymous Marcus said...

Thanks for pointing this out Simon, I am totally sick and tired of trying to walk further than I should, with these people in their big cars parking in disabled bays that are meant for the likes of me (people who cannot walk unaided and finds it hard to walk more than 20 steps without being in pain) I say crush the cars and fine the owners! Its totally unfair.

At 12:51 pm, Anonymous Marcus said...

T, I have brought this up at the helpdesk in Morrisons and was informed that the car park belongs to Greenwich Council and they should be enforcing the parking. I do have to say that this is done very well at Asda's and there are people who go around clamping the cars that dont have a blue badge. Come on Greenwich pull your finger out!

At 4:39 pm, Anonymous The ReV said...

Death's to good for them.
um...Don't wish to be a pain but my mother-in-law gets about £200 a month for her Motorbility (well that's what she's told me!).
Think about it, you can get a great car for £200 a month!
Plus you don't pay for road-tax...so that's why I think you see so many "expensive" Blue Badged cars.
(Actually before any comments are passed my Mum-in-laws car is a 15 year old VW Passat that I now drive as she's unable to drive and no we don't use the badge).

Oh and a psychopathic member of the community I do take great pleasure in blocking said people/sticking a basket under the car/leaving a shopping trolly in the way etc in or in one case at Morrie's in Erith ask the Customer Relations desk to page the owner of such a car saying that someone had hit it…
Actually I had a go at some bloke for parking in the parent and child spaces the other day. It does help to be 6'3 and 16 stone with a voice that’s used to singing in rock/metal bands, I can shout for Eng-er-land!


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