Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Plumstead a 'toilet' 2

(but not doing too well in Plumstead)

Following on some of the discussions as to what Plumstead is like I thought I ought to try and get some facts to go with all the gut feelings out there so to try and get a bit of informed debate going I took a look at the Met's crime figures. The first thing to say is that crime in Plumstead, is about average for London, there are places that are a lot worse, and some that are a lot better. That said, there are some disturbing trends that indicate that unlike London as a whole, crime in Plumstead is getting worse.

Recorded Crime in London fell last year by 6.1%, but Greenwich was one of only 4 Boroughs where crime increased. Information on some crimes can only obtained at a borough wide level, but some of this does not make for comforting reading, the number of Homicides doubled (from 4-8) at least 2 of which were in the Plumstead area (in Barnfield Road and another just off Herbert Road). Motor Venicle crime increased by 15% in Greenwich compared to a 8% fall across London and Gun enabled crime went up by 32.8%, compared to a 11% fall London wide.

When you look at ward Data, although there is a ward called Plumstead it does not cover the whole area, indeed much of Plumstead Common is in fact in Glyndon ward, there are also bits of Plumstead in Shooters Hill and Woolwich Common wards. However I have looked at Plumstead and Glyndon, just to get an idea if there are any trends. What I found out was rather disturbing.

The good news was that there were significant falls in Criminal damage, down 19.4% in Plumstead and 14.9% in Glyndon and smaller falls in Violence against the person of 9.6% in Plumstead and 4% in Glyndon but set against this, there were very large increases last year in some of the crimes which concern people the most. Burglery rose by 19.4% in Plumstead, with a smaller increase in Glyndon. and robbery went up by a whopping 28.7%. Some of these increases may be down to the other significant change and that is the huge increase in Drug offences in the area, up 40.6% in Plumstead and 19.8% in Glyndon.

So it seems that despite all the hoo ha from the Met about safer Neighbour teams and falling levels of crime, they don't seem to be doing too good a job around here. I think we all need to be kicking up more of a fuss. Either the police are inadequately resourced to deal with the problems confronting them or they are failing to manage their resources effectively to bring about the falling crime levels seen in other parts of the capital.

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At 6:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any statistic can be slewed to support any argument.

What I would say in response to the increased reporting of crime in the Plumstead and Glyndon Wards is that the Safer Neighbourhood Teams have invested considerable resources to tackling recidivist offenders with a high local profile.

By doing this they have encouraged residents to come forward and report crimes rather than turn a blind eye or to continue to live in fear.

I think that many people failed to report crimes through fear and intimidation in past years, the Police and especially the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are working hard to help residents feel safer and more confident about coming forward.

Let’s look at the crime stats in 3 years time when I believe we will see a downturn in reported incidents, not because people are frightened to report crime but because crime has in fact reduced due to effective targeted policing.

I would prefer high crime stats which reflect a new found confidence in the Police rather than low crimes rates because residents are too scared to report incidents.

At 12:35 pm, Anonymous M Sutton-Beynon said...

I have lived in Plumstead now for 6 years and I am a disabled man, when I first moved to Plumstead I felt safe, after being mugged twice, and with the rate of crime in the area, I can no longer go out after dark, I am far too worried about being another statistic! I did report both muggings but the police were so busy dealing with other problems, that they didn't even send anyone out to see me, so now I think why bother reporting anything! After dark I am a prisoner in my own home.


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