Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hurrah for half term!

Glad to see the kids are getting a break from school, gives them a chance to let off some steam and have a bit of fun. I have heard a few comments bemoaning the up coming holiday but I think the antics of a few anti-social elements amongst today’s youth should not blind us to the positive energy and contribution to society by so many of our young people. What concerns me far more is the hugely negative influence on society and appalling example set by, miserable, scrounging, inconsiderate old people.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat I am not tarring every geriatric with the same brush, some like my Dad who’s 80 have a positive upbeat take on the world, he is still working, trying new things, is not afraid of the modern world, he is a confirmed silver surfer for instance, no it’s the wingers who get my goat. Let me explain.

Take free travel for instance, why do working people have to pay higher fare’s so these scroungers can ride around for nothing, clogging up the buses and trains. Most old people can perfectly well afford to pay, they haven’t got a mortgage to pay, a lot of them don’t even have to pay for a TV licence, and if they don’t have the money it’s because they couldn’t be bothered to make adequate provision for their retirement, so they expect a lifetime of fecklessness and indolence to be rewarded by free travel at the taxpayers expense. I say make them pay; not bothering to work hard and save should have consequences. I well remember as a child when bus passes ran out at 4pm, being elbowed aside by these malingers, for whom any notion of queuing went out the window when faced with the prospect of losing their freebie. We now have the insane idea from our, non driving Ken (aged 62) of letting the over 60’s travel before 9.30 clogging up already heaving public transport with their Zimmer frames and other assorted mobility aids.

Which brings me on to the menace of doddery old buggers shopping on a Saturday, why the hell are they getting in the way of working people with limited free time, when they have all bloody week to shop, its just anti-social behaviour pure and simple. If they can’t show some consideration for others, I say slap them with an ASBO and keep them locked up at home for the weekend. The worst are the ones with the mobility carts, they are usually on them because they have had their driving licences taken away, because they are a danger to the rest of us, often because their eyesight is shot, so what do they go and do, drive round on the pavement, frequently uninsured, I have even seen one talking on their mobile phone! It’s wrong and something should be done!

Then there are the cheats and scroungers who defraud the rest of us, these are the people who hide their savings in order claim things like housing benefit, don’t think just because someone is old it makes them honest, I know of OAP’s up to this not so little scam, they have money squirrelled away in accounts here there and everywhere, buy only declare one account to the council, so suckers like me have to pay their rent. Then there are the middle class home owners gripping about having to sell their home to pay for their nursing care, once society finally gets the chance to get them of the streets. What these selfish gits are saying is that the taxpayer, you and I should shell out hundreds of pounds a week when they can perfectly well afford to pay themselves, where the hell is the dignity or fairness in that? You hear them bleating that they have saved all their life, but that quite frankly is crap, what happened is that their houses rose in value because for years they restricted the building of new homes to protect their own vested interests, pushing up the price, they didn’t work for a penny of it, they took advantage of the less fortunate who didn’t own a home to line their own pockets. So having saddled the younger generation with enormous mortgages they want to push up their taxes as well.

Then there are the moaners, the ones who think everything about the modern world is awful. Who hark back to the days of child labour and rickets as if it was some sort of golden age? Those malcontent's who thing the internet is the work of the devil, condemn every young person as a hoodie chav, complain about every aspect of the modern world and fail to see the good in anything, even as they enjoy their highest ever living standards receive the best ever health care for free, ride around the buses and trains for nothing, even watch TV without paying, unlike the rest of us. They tell you how they worked all their lives and paid for their pension, another lie, their tax went to pay the pensions of a few old people, now there are millions more of them, groaning and grasping for more and more freebies, well I have a message for them, if everything is so bloody awful, do us all a favour and expire now!


At 6:42 pm, Anonymous J J said...

Someone got out of bed the wrong side today!
Or are you just in training to be one of those miserable old gits?

At 8:33 pm, Anonymous Nigel said...

For a moment there I thought it was April 1st.

At 4:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never mind, theyll all soon be dead.

At 4:14 pm, Anonymous The ReV' said...

Refreshingly the same view as me!
I once mooted the idea that local shopping centres/shop's should run a scheme where old people aren't allowed to use their services between noon and 2pm (Workers lunchtimes) and on Saturday afternoons.
Well they run schemes like "truant watch" for kids so it COULD work!

I often think I was maybe born in the wrong age then I mentaly slap myself about the face and to stop talking crap!
What i find funny is I can just about remember the tail end of the 70's (i was young!) and that was extremly bleak (strikes, power cuts, the politics, the general state of the country etc) and yet we are constantly told via the media it was better back in the past...Hmmm.
Personally i like having the 'net, a curry when I want, and a phone that can play whole movies raither than a dusty libary (closed at lunchtimes and half day on a Saturday), a gristly pork chop with lumpy mash and watery gravy and a dirty, draughty cinema that stinks of old fags watching a slightly outta focus scratchy print (ok some of the films I've downlaoded are abit "wobbly" but at least their free!)


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