Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As some of you may have noticed I now sometimes post a blog on the newsshopper website. Sometimes a variation of the blogs here and other times something completely different, as they say. Now the newsshopper website is home to some pretty strange creatures, especially the blogs, maybe I will fit in quite well I hear you say, one such creature seems to spend his whole life on the site and lives in Bexley (as in the area, not the whole London Borough). He spends much of his time insulting people and indeed whole areas he considers beneath him and this got me thinking about what some people in Bexley are actually like and I reproduce for you my blog entry in full. Hope you find it amusing and your comments are, as always, welcome.

'Much mudslinging has occurred recently on the nature of so called ‘horrible areas’ and the inhabitants there of. I do not propose to comment on such areas but I think we should take a look at the characters of some of those slinging the mud.

Bexley is a rather unpleasant and dreary place, in the main inhabited by narrow minded bigots, who are quick to assert their superiority over others, but are rather slow and dim witted when it comes to producing evidence to back up their puerile assertions. In the main they read newspapers like the Daily Mail, if of course they read at all. They do this because it is devoted to reinforcing their narrow minded ‘little Englander’ attitudes and hatred of all things foreign. In the main the inhabitants often have a little more money than average, but all too few of them have had much in the way of higher education. That said, many have passed tests which prove they have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the streets of London.

Their council is well known for its shamefully harsh treatment of the poor and disadvantaged, the aim of this is to ensure that those people who have a lot of money, do not have to part with very much of it in tax, because those in Bexley know that paying your fair share of tax is just not cricket and that it is the less well off who should shoulder the greatest burden of taxation. Not that the council is averse to spending money, indeed they are planning a bright new shinny civic centre to proclaim the glory of Bexley, but have no fear they will fund this proclamation to the world by selling off community facilities in one of the ‘horrible areas’ like Slade Green, to their friends in the building industry.

Their greatest heroine is Margaret Thatcher, whose humble background, together with her ability to marry money makes her a role model; they revel in her greatest quote,
‘There is no such thing as society.’
As they feel it gives them carte blanche to blame the less well off for their predicament and absolves them of any responsibility to help those around them. They applauded when she went on to say that all that mattered was your family, which is why they so much like their local MP Derek Conway, who made sure his family did very well indeed.

They love to buy the same things as other people, but in shops which charge more; this they feel proves how much better they are than poor people. They also love the Queen and the aristocracy, indeed so much so that some of them even pretend that they have been ennobled! Quite why anyone would wish to pretend to be inbred with a limited intellectual capacity as much of the British aristocracy are, is quite beyond me, but each to their own I suppose. However delusion is one of characteristics of the residents of Bexley, many of them do not even know which County they live in, they think they live in the country, in Kent! This is despite the fact that Bexley has been a London Borough for over 40 years.

All in all I think that Bexley, that strange little piece of 30’s infill, surrounded as it is, by far more interesting and exciting neighbouring areas, will continue to be where people go and live in order to wait for death. Bemoaning the world around them until Lucifer finally answers their prayers and takes them to the place where they really deserve to be.'


At 2:54 pm, Anonymous t said...

I think thats a pretty fair analysis of the bexley mentality.

I gave up posting on the news shopper website, too many of the aforementioned bexley (and chislehurst and sidcup) types, as well as illiterate, ignorant know-it-alls and religious idiots trying to foist their beliefs. They all whinge about stuff in a 'bring back hanging' kinda fashion without actually THINKING.

I guess this isn't helped by some of the 'shoppers sub-sun reporting.

I got so fed up with some of the brainless people on there that it actually dented my faith in humanity. In the end I figure they deserve all they're complaining about and I leave them to it.

At 8:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The 'Blogger' you refer to was exposed in a forum as a news shopper employee!

He is what corporate blogs call a 'seeder'

A 'seeder' is someone who is paid to make outrageous comments and get people 'pissed off' so they argue with him by posting to the blog.

There 'arguments result in additional hits for the blog - which drives up advertising numbers.

How sad is that?

Ask Simon Bull, the News Shopper blogs editor and he will not admit it (in writing) - possibly because their chap has made some extremely abusive remarks.

Seeding is VERY common in the states and does drive up numbers. That said, it's sad when our local newspaper has to sink to that level.

All the best mate!

At 12:15 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

On my 'newsshopper blog' Simon Bull posted this response, to the above mentioned rumour.


Allow me to tell you and everyone else the truth to that comment.

In response to the person who posted on your other (this)blog:

To my knowledge, Erastus has never been exposed as a News Shopper employee. If someone thinks he has then I would like to know where.

He has been accused of it plenty of times but he has not been exposed. The reason he has not been exposed is because it is not true.

I'm well aware what a seeder is but Erastus is not one. The reason I will not admit it, in writing of any other form of communication, is because it is not true.

Why would I need to employ a seeder anyway? Our web audience was doing very well before, continues to be doing very well now and will continue to do very well going forward. All comment posters and bloggers make valuable contributions but the site is bigger than any particular individuals.

My job title is not blogs editor, it is website editor. What's the matter with people?! Sometimes I am promoted, other times demoted!

News Shopper has not 'sunk' to any level because we have not done anything. My role is to oversee the editorial and community content on the site, and I have no involvement in advertising.

I hope this answers all the points. I have already answered the allegation of Erastus being a News Shopper employee numerous times and I thought I had put that particular rumour to bed.

I would say the person who posted the 'seeder' comment on your blog is at best deluded, mistaken and a bit of a trouble-maker.'

At 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like someone 'hit a nerve' with that post about the news shopper employing the idiot blogger!

I guess the only person who knows for sure is the 'mystery man.'

As any good copper will tell you, you always look for a motive when something happens and Simon Bull is the only person who would benefit from his website getting the additional hits.

He forgot to mention in his reply that he took this 'mystery mans' blog AND NOW advertises it on the news shopper front page! To advertise there would cost any business thousands of pounds - and he is 'giving' this valuable advertising space away ramdomly to a blogger who he apprently does not employ or even know?

Is he serious?

Simon Bull runs the website and is the person promoting this blogger - it's a no-brainer to me.

Guilty as charged Mr Bull!

At 9:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course its the news shopper behind this pratt.

Are we honestly expected to believe that they take someone at random and stick him on their front page every day?

A newspaper could not risk placing someone there and giving them all that publicity - what if he was a criminal or something.

They know him and I bet they employ him.

oh yeah, and if they really dont need the extra hits like from the paper claims, then why stick this blogger on their front page?

Lies lies lies.

At 1:02 pm, Blogger Simon Bull said...

To the 'anonymous' person / people above.

You clearly know nothing about the running of websites or newspapers and the only 'no brainer' appears to be you.

If you think Erastus is currently being featured on News Shopper's homepage then prove it.

He was given a very small EDITORIAL promo spot on there (not advertising space) when his blog first launched, the same as every other blogger has been given at some point including Mr Sibonetic.

I can't help but think the people moaning on here about Erastus and claiming he is employed by News Shopper are the same people who have ridiculously tried to have me ban him from News Shopper's site.

They are also the same people who would probably not be interesting enough to be read by anyone if they had their own blog.

At 4:21 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

Let me make something clear. I have no absolutely reason whatsoever to disbelieve Simon Bull, and I have never been one for conspiracy theories. In addition, just in case anyone tries to put two and two together and makes a hundred and forty eight, I am not one of the people who wants Erastus banned. I have enjoyed poking fun at him and taking a pop at his pomposity but he has as much right to have a blog on the newsshopper website as anyone else.
Furthermore I will delete any further comments from this blog which constitute unsubstantiated rumours.

At 4:33 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

I can also confirm that what Simon says about the homepage is true, my picture was there when I first started my blog, or maybe I am an employee as well? and before anyone gets the wrong idea NO I AM NOT!!

At 7:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The news shopper has spoken!

That's seems to be that then. So, will you delete everything said against them? You sounded bloody terrified in your last 2 posts mate.

Nithdale Road

At 7:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you delete all the rumours from your blog - you wont have a lot left to print.

Rumours, ideas and suggestions are the lifeblood of every good blog.

At 8:33 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

Hi Gary,

No not scared actually, it's just if Simon has said this is not the case, that's good enough for me. It would just get a bit boring with one person who doesn't work for the newsshopper saying one thing without any actual evidence and the guy who does saying another. Both sides had had their say and in the absence of any actual evidence what would be the point?

btw I have never deleted a comment yet (except for spam, which is why the putting the letters thing came back).
Anyway Gary you are welcome to post on my blog, even if you are the same Plumstead toilet Gary who called me pathetic for picking up litter on another blog, have a good weekend,

At 9:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did you do it?

ive read whats been going on here and it stinks mate.

i see there's been no posts here since you encouraged that mug from the local rag to bollock your readers.

was is worth it?

i hope this blog dies on its arse. thats what you deserve for selling your readers out.

i promise never to revisit or post here again.

you were bang out of order.

pete and anne

At 10:57 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

Pete and Anne,

As you are never going to read this again, I suppose it is a bit pointless replying to you, however, here goes. Far from encouraging Simon Bull to 'bollock' my readers, I had no idea he had even read my blog until I had an e-mail to say he had posted a comment, as he was replying to a criticism of himself and accusations about his job it is hardly unreasonable that he would want to comment. He is as entitled to his opinion as you are to yours,

best wishes,
Simon (no not Bull, Sibonetic)

At 2:47 pm, Anonymous The ReV' said...

Um...what is wrong with everyone?
Is there summat in the water or something?
Lord wots-his-face is a twat, end of story, if it is the Newsshopper seeding then it's a shame but as I've learnt to just ignore anything he post's I found their website is alot better!
Strange that Simon Bull posted here directly (and quite so strongly) though. Will put my hand up though, I do feel Lord Thingy has overstepped the mark and should be pulled from being an "offical" Newsshopper blogger.

Must say "Pete and Anne's" post made me scratch my head. "i hope this blog dies on its arse. thats what you deserve for selling your readers out"'s "just" a local blog, if you don't like it so be it don't read it.

At 7:59 am, Blogger pete43 said...

Dear me its all got a bit tense! going back to the original comment about Bexley, has anybody realised their MP is Derek Conway? just thought I would mention that.

At 5:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Simon, Erastus here.

I was just wondering when we will see another one of your blogs on the News Shopper site?

Best regards,

Erastus Theobald Piggott


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