Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another young man murdered in Plumstead

At about 4 pm today a young man was chased and attacked and stabbed by a gang of youths on the corner of Invermore Place and Walmer Terrace on the Glyndon Estate. the air ambulance arrived at 4.30, but the youth did not make it. I do not have any more information than this, and it would be wrong to jump to conclusions as I do not know all the circumstances. but this is the third young man murdered in the area in the last 9 months, no one is going to tell me that crime is currently under control.

  • BBC report

    At 7:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    According to the 'Plumsteadshire' blog, there's nothing wrong - no need to 'fix' anything.

    Thats the kind of head-in-the-sand attitude that allows the problem to persist.



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