Saturday, November 17, 2007

This is what they say about their customer service.

'We handle 80 million items daily and quality of service is always our top priority. Nevertheless, things occasionally go wrong. If you've had a problem with your Royal Mail service, we're sorry and we want to put things right.'

This is what I think of their customer service:

They asked me,

'How can we help?'

This was my reply

You can help by improving your service, which is quite frankly utterly appalling.
I received a card through the door saying an item had a customs charge on it. It stated that I could pay online, however for the third time out of 4 deliveries since this system was introduced the box which is meant to contain the reference no. was left blank. As I don't have £12.50 worth of stamps handy (who does?) I was forced to go to the Royal Mail enquiry office in Woolwich.
As I leave for work before 8 and don't get back until after 1pm. I had to go on a Saturday morning. The office is only open for 4 1/2 hours, (what sort of a business these days has such limited opening hours to offer it's customers?)
I parking on a parking meter and put 25 minutes on it. Unfortunately, as usual, at the busiest time of the week, only one person was working. I queued for 40 minutes to be greeted with a plethora of signs saying that Royal Mail staff are entitled to be treated with respect and should not be abused (which I totally agree with) However if the management of Royal Mail actually delivered a reasonable service then I am sure there would be far less abuse of your employees. By the time I had finally retrieved my package I had incurred a £30 parking fine for overstaying on the meter. So this item has now cost me £42.50 because your employee could not be bothered to write down the reference number and your inadequate opening hours and poor staffing levels delayed me for 40 minutes.
I am not surprised that Royal Mail is losing so much business to other carriers, as they say you reap what you sow.
frustrated and angry

Anyone else want Royal Mail broken up and privatised?