Monday, April 02, 2007

Estate Agent Geography

Poor Pangloss over on plumsteadshire has rather unfairly in my opinion been accused of snobbery, because he highlighted some of the contrasts between the Common and the High Street (as have I). But I think that of lot of this divide is not created by people, but rather by Estate Agents (the two groups being mutually exclusive of course).

I was prompted by this comment from dave:-

"The divide only exists to those who live to the south. Snobs who call the southside 'Upper Plumstead' when no such place exists. "

To which I posted this rather tounge-in-cheek answer:-

I think you are mistaken, Upper Plumstead does not exist, that area is now Shooters Hill Slopes, Plumstead Common only starts north of the Common and goes all the way down to the High Street, and Plumstead is a couple of roads between the High Street and the Railway Line.

But this got me thinking that there must be other areas enlarging/shrinking being created or perhaps being erased from the map entirely, if this process continues you can imagine a map of SE London as Dulwich merges seemlessly with Greenwich/Blackeath and on into Sidcup and beyond, as Peckham, Woolwich, Plumstead et al. disapear.

Blackheath seems to get closer to Charlton and Shooters Hill by the Day, Shooters Hill seems poised to reach the Thames. West Greenwich has reduced East Greenwich to a few square metres of land, when combined with the pressure from Westcombe Park and the Penninsular. North Thamesmead has vanquised practically all other parts of the town.

If you have any other example of areas moving/changing at the whim of Estate Agents descriptions I would love to hear them


At 11:36 am, Blogger TunnelBore said...

How about "up-and-coming Woolwich" and "up-and-coming SE28" for rose-tinted spectacle estate agent speak?

At 12:19 pm, Blogger Plumstead Commoner said...

Thamesmead is regularly identified as being Woolwich or Abbey Wood - and anywhere that aspires to be either of those places is in real trouble.

At 10:14 pm, Blogger Nigel said...

Yeah but at least they don't sound like the location for "Clockwork Orange" - Thamesmead's main claim to fame!

At 10:21 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

But it was also the setting for "Beautiful Thing" didn't Thamesmead look lovely in the sunshine

At 8:57 pm, Blogger Pangloss said...

I'm waiting for the first estate agent to use the label 'Plumstead Village'. I'm quite partial to 'Plumstead Garden Suburb' though.

Dare I say it, but there are parts of Thamesmead I find really interesting. The old Clockwork Orange modernist architecture part. It's kind of low-rise Corbusier. Or do I sound like a snob again?

At 9:42 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

I think it's more low budget Corbusier, actually my Uncle worked on the Planning of phases 1&2 of Thamesmead in the 60's, mind you we don't talk to that side of the family.

I quit fancy Plumstead-upon-Thames for the High Street.

At 9:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having lived in a council flat in ropey old Archway, I am highly amused to see the area referred to as 'lower highgate' by creative estate agents.

At 2:09 am, Anonymous dimps said...

Having been born and raised in Plumstead Common (46 years ago)I think I am in a position to confirm it is a distinct area of Plumstead. The parish of Plumstead covers a huge area (the bounderies being with Woolwich, the middle of Shooters Hill Road, the River, Abbey Wood and East Wickham). When I was taught how to write letters (both at home and at school - Timbercroft) I was told my address was Plumstead Common. Plumstead Common is a distinct area of Plumstead (check out cenuses, etc.)

It is not a snobby thing - just a matter of geography (oh, OK, there is a bit of snobbery).

The "estate agent speak" areas, though, are, for instance: Shooters Hill Slopes, Welling Borders.

Who, in their right mind, would want to live in Welling???

At 3:28 pm, Blogger sibonetic said...

Never fancied Welling ever since a young Black Actor friend of mine (who was doing a theatre group production at a local school)went into a Pub for a drink, got the s... beat out of him, then when the police arrived, the landlord claimed that nothing had happened.

Still I suppose it must be quite popular with racists.


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